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Most Primitive Scouting Experience

- International tätige Verbände -
Most Primitive Scouting Experience (MPSE)
- An international bushcraft Scoutmovement -


Mission and objectives:
The MPSE is an international Scouting organization which emphasize on the primitive bushcraft techniques and the spreading of the knowledge of survival. The MPSE wants to create an international movement of new traditional Scouting. With bushcraft activities, it wants to connect scouts over the world and let them be aware of nature and their own environment. Within the bushcraft atmosphere, the MPSE tries to let scouts experience the relation between man and nature, teaches scouts about their rights and duties towards nature and trains scouts about their global social responsibility.

The members of the MPSE are member of their national Scouting organizations and the regulation of these organizations are applicable. On the 15 November 2008, the regulations within the MPSE will be established in the MPSE counsel. The (future) international MPSE divisions will endorse the mission and objectives of the MPSE and the MPSE regulations.

The MPSE organizes national and international bushcraft activities as camps and workshops and is present at major scouting events. The international character is one of the most important issues and the national MPSE divisions act as part of the international MPSE movement. The objective is to gather as much as possible international staff from all MPSE groups within all national and international activities. The national MPSE divisions keep each other posted about their activities and developments and involve each other in major decisions. Minutes of major meetings will be distributed in English to all the MPSE divisions.

Selbstdartstellung auf http://www.mpse.ne am 23.06.2010

[2010: Forced activities in The Netherlands and Ireland]
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