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Fédération International des Mouvements Catholiques d'Action Paroissale

- International tätige Verbände -
"F.I.M.C.A.P." is an International Catholic Federation of Youth Organizations. The abbreviation F.I.M.C.A.P. comes from the original title: "Fédération International des Mouvements Catholiques d'Action Paroissale". Today, 36 organizations of 27 countries in 4 continents make up whole Fimcap.

Fimcap is a federation gathering Catholic children's and youth organizations not relating to a specific professional group, but having all children and young people - being in parishes or not - as target group. The organizations affiliated to Fimcap aim to bring children and young people together in groups during their leisure time. This community group life should help the members to live their own lives according to the values of the Gospel, and to share their insights and their work with others.

Fimcap wants to unite the member organizations in the spirit of fraternity and mutual help, in order to achieve the awareness of all members that they belong to a world-wide community of children and young people. Fimcap wants to help them discover and understand the specific problems and needs of children and young people all over the world. Fimcap wants to give concrete help to the life of organizations especially by educational and systematic exchanges.

Entnommen von: http://www.fimcap.org/en/en_about.shtml
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  • F.I.M.C.A.P.
    Kipdorp 30
    B-2000 Antwerp
    tel. +32-3-231.07.95
    fax. +32-3-232.51.62
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