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JOTI Spezial 3.-5. April
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Vorhin kam eine E-Mail zu einem Sonder-JOTI:
Part of Scouting’s great success over the past 113 years has been its enduring ability to adapt and respond to the changing needs of communities at every level.

Young people in many countries today face challenges at home and in their local communities due to COVID-19. Their formal education, where they have access to it, has been severely impacted by the pandemic.

According to UNESCO monitoring, as of today 85 countries have closed schools nationwide, impacting 776.7 million children and youth.

At this challenging time, we, as a united Movement of 171 National Scout Organizations need to hold true to the Promise that binds us together and do our duty to help other people.

At this extraordinary moment when many people are isolated, it is our firm belief that we should rise to the challenge and respond with an extraordinary global event that will unite Scouting at every level.

Today we are excited to announce a special edition of Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI), the largest digital Scout event held annually!

This special JOTI will be both educational and fun, bringing Scouting to the homes of young people around the world. It will be a space for young people and Scouts to connect, learn and build friendships during this challenging time of social distance. It will be a mass mobilisation that seeks to engender a sense of unity throughout the Movement.

Through a dynamic virtual engagement programme, young people will be able to learn about safety measures, mental and physical health tips, and more while digitally engaging as global citizens through a range of activities - from webinars to concerts. The special edition of JOTI will also enable Scouts to connect to peers from different countries, hear from special guests and share ideas about Scouting from home.

The online platform will provide National Scout Organizations and Scouts with helpful resources, ideas and initiatives to adapt regular Scouting activities to engaging initiatives that can be done at home.

As we navigate uncharted waters, together, we can turn this challenge into an opportunity to continuously showcase and share what Scouting is all about - unity, friendship, education and resourcefulness.

Join us online this 3 - 5 April 2020 and help us spread the word of this JOTI Special Edition today.

Infos gibts auf https://www.jotajoti.info/

Oggi Oggi Oggi - Hoi Hoi Hoi !
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